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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

All I Really Need To Know I Learned from Blog

Corporate America may have some advantages- free health care, free weekends, decent paychecks, but for the most part, working for Her is execrable. I dread coming to work every morning, knowing that while I am here I am dying of boredom. Thank God for the Internet and the ability to Google away some of my lassitude. Over the course of 5 years, I have done some intensive web-searching in hopes of finding anything more stimulating and more entertaining than calling on existing IBM clients. I have compiled a list of 5 of the best blogs that I think are worth taking a look at.

1. The Stone's Colossal Dream (thestonescolossaldream.blogspot.com/) Tania is one of the most talented writers ever. Her blog is nothing short of stellar. Extremely funny, always entertaining, and always brilliantly written.

2. Augusten's Blog (augusten.com/blog/) After reading Running with Scissors I became obsessed with Augusten Burroughs. He has a David Sedaris quality about him, very dry sense of humor in a very engaging manner. Augusten does not always update his blog in a timely manner, however it is worth the wait. Rather he is mocking the advertising world, dishing out his manic love life, or reminiscing on his alcoholic days as a successful copywriter, Augusten's work is always captivating.

3. Design Sponge (designsponge.blogspot.com/) Such a fun site dedicated solely to design. Rather you're a fashion lover, a design lover, a trendsetter, or an art lover, this site offers many must see pages. There are plenty of things to look at and even a chance to win a scholarship. A must see for anyone passionate about design (or anyone who just likes to look at pretty things)
4. Snark Hunting (snarkhunting.com/) A creative, branding blog. Stuck on a name for a new product? This blog even helps with that. A lot of great resources for creative folks.

4.5. AdGoodness (frederiksamuel.com/blog/) Ads from all over the world. Even tells what agencies came up with the ads.

5. Confessional Highway (.confessionalhighway.blogspot.com/) Deezee always delivers really funny essays on life and is a very smart, entertaining writer. I have been a fan of this blog since May 2006 and followed Deezee through crazy holiday stories, classic relationship struggles, and the constant search in the meaning of life. This blog is almost as good as Tonia's (notice I said, almost)
Happy blogging!


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hotlanta and her Sloppy Seconds

Living in a city often referred to as Hotlanta, I question just how hot Atlanta really is. 20 years ago this town had nothing but a lot of greenery. Today, thanks to Donald trumping his way into Buckhead, the ATL is becoming a major Metropolitian player. However our night life, at times, is dwindling on boredom. Therefore, I have created a new weekly feature. With so many new restaurants, lounges, and clubs hitting the scene, I have decided to visit a new place every week and critique my experience. Sloppy Seconds will mark my first of many reviews.

After weeks of my friends bragging about a new intimate French style lounge called Royal, I decided to check it out. Hidden in between the streets of Castleberry Hill, this intimate hotspot is seriously stirring up a cult sensation. With it’s modish and stylish Sloppy Seconds every second Saturday, my best friend and I, dressed as if we just stepped out from the pages of Vogue, walked into a very packed, very sexy dance room. We strutted up to the bar, ordered 2 martinis, and watched as fashionable socialites, ghetto superstars, and urban, grunge trendsetters all mingled with one another. It's the first time I think I have ever seen High fashion collide with street wear under one electro-house/ crunk rap party.

In a city supposedly known for diversity, it is disturbingly rare to see different cultures and colors partying together. Morgan and I watched 2 Abercrombie men look-alikes mingle with men pimping in head to toe bling (with matching grill). I witnessed a very girly girl wearing an extremely small outfit hit on an André Benjamin wannabe. And my best friend befriended an indi chick whose whole body resembled a canvas covered with tattoos and piercings. Overall the evening was super fun. Royal has stolen the crown for the hottest night club…for the current minute anyway. It’s about time Atlanta stepped up to the plate. Now, can she keep hitting home runs? I suppose after a couple more weekend reviews, I'll have my answer.

Definitly check Royal out.

Next week's Hotlanta adventure-
M Lounge.


Monday, July 09, 2007

Crazy career always getting in the way

It seems like every time I answer my razor these days, one of my girlfriends is on the other end screaming about getting engaged. How did this happen? When did my friends suddenly stop being sex fiends? When did they trade in their crazy, drunken late nights for early, sober ones? And most importantly, when did all my girlfriends suddenly turn into these scary things called Brides-To-Be?

Don’t get me wrong, I think one day I would like to settle down. But that one day is not any time soon. I figure, what’s the rush? I would really like to establish myself in the career world and become financially independent before walking down an Italian isle (or perhaps a Greek one). And if I do decide to get married, I would like it only to happen once, although that notion is considered very outside the norm. What I really question is, why do so many women feel like they have to trade a career for a man? Why cant women have both? We don’t live in a Leave it to Beaver world anymore. Unfortunately, divorce happens in 1 in 2 marriages. Women should prepare themselves for that. I am no feminist by any means but women should really stop relying on men for all their financial support. Its 2007- it’s about time women start taking control of their own fortune and happiness in life.

I recently read a darling article (atleast at first thought) in the July issue of Skirt. It was written by a very intelligent Columbia graduate. At first, I thought it was written beautifully, witty, and gave the whole prenuptial agreement a whole new light.

Wife For Hire
Sure,” I tell my fiancé the first time he mentions a prenuptial agreement. I’ve always assumed he’d want one. He has money and that’s what people with money do- they protect it.
“I don’t really care about it,” he says with an apologetic grin, “it’s just that my financial adviser…”
“It’s ok,” I interrupt him, “I’d love to.”
A couple of days later, on a warm early May evening, as we sip wine on the porch of his Cape Cod summer house, discussing what music to walk down the aisle to, he brings it up again. What a romance killer! The last think I want right now- two months before we vow for better or worse, till death do us part-is to be dragged into a debate of who gets what in the event of divorce.
“Just draft the damn thing with your lawyer and I’ll sign it,” I say and get up to prepare dinner.
The third time he invokes the prenuptial is to tell me to get a lawyer. Unless I am legally represented, the contract is invalid. It isn’t enough that I have to plan the wedding and arrange the honeymoon, but I have to look for a lawyer too?
“Don’t worry,” he says, “my attorney recommended one for you. Just call him and tell him that Mangold referred you.”
While I admire the Manhattan skyline through the floor-to ceiling windows of my lawyer’s midtown 19th-florr office, he gives me a brief review of New York State Marital Law.
If an asset is acquired after the marriage, he says, it is considered marital property unless it is a gift or inheritance. In the event of divorce, marital property is equitable divided between the spouses.
It sounds pretty fair to me, and I nod.
“You understand, don’t you,” he says, looking into my eyes, “that with the prenuptial agreement your fiancé is asking you to waive the rights granted you by state law?
I snap to attention. “Waive my rights?”
“He’ll specify in the prenuptial agreement what he wants to give you instead of what you the rights to have under state law,” he says and explains that these kinds of agreements are usually structured around the number of years the marriage lasts.
“Does that make sense?” he asks.
“It sounds just like the contract I signed at work.”
I get it now- my fiancé is hiring me for a wife: “Here’s your contract, honey. If you quit or I lay you off, say, in two years, you get this much, in twenty years, this much.”
And it’s up to my attorney to get me a fat severance check.
Just as I’ve become comfortable thinking in the plural and planning for our future, the prenuptial forces me to revert to thinking of my interests. To protect myself for the man I am marrying.
Call me a hopeless romantic, but when did divorce become as inevitable as death? Sure, shit happens, but I don’t want to be thinking at the alter, “till divorce do us part.” What bothers me most though is the feeling I am assigned a price tag. And a low one at that.
Later that evening, when my fiancé thanks me for dinner, I force a smile before I reply: “that’s why you pay me the big bucks, boss,” I say. He looks at me in dismay.
“Wait, you havent even hired me yet,” I go on. “I’m jus the intern, busting my ass for free in hope of being prompted to Wife.”
He doesn’t find it funny. And he’s right. What’s gotten into me lately. I’ve turned bitter, and as he points out, we havent even discussed the money yet. But that’s because it’s not about the money.
The prenuptial had made perfect sense to me when I thought it was mean to protect the assets my fiancé would come with to the marriage. Now that I know it safeguards the money my husband will make while I am at home taking care of our children, I am no longer sure.
After three years together, we have figured out that-surprise! - he has a comparative advantage in bringing home the bacon while I’m better at cooking it and cleaning up afterwards. As long as we’re both happy with the labor distribution as such, it sounds like an equal partnership to me. And should there be a divorce, both parties-according to the state law-walk away with half of the bacon accumulated during the marriage.
I can see how it might seem unfair to have to divide what he makes. After all, housekeeping and babysitting, which we both agree would be my share of the deal, are not the most profitable jobs. And should we make a numerical comparison, my contribution would seem pathetic at best. But how about all the money I will not be making because instead I’ll be changing diapers and cooking dinners?
I picture us divorced in 10 years. He- a successful gray-haired professional in his early fifties, behind the wheel of a convertible, a twenty-something chick next to him. I- in my forties, an out-of-shape divorcee with two kids and no job. He’s only gotten richer, while my value (professionally and physically) has decreased faster than his car’s. What’s so wrong with sharing the money we’ve made for these 10 years? And I mean we, for I would have built no career, secured no highly-paid job.
The more I think about the prenup, the more I worry. Wouldn’t it allow my future husband an easy way out? Wouldn’t it turn our marriage into a risk-free deal that can be easily broken should a younger-than-me stray woman show up? I shouldn’t be distrustful of my fiancé, I scold myself. But, then again, would he need a prenuptial if he trusted me?
But that is what marriage is all about. We are both taking risks by undertaking a life together. He risks losing money and I risk losing a career. And it seems to me-if we are to keep score-that the latter is a lot more valuable. It provides money but also fulfillment. I’m willing to give it up for our future family but if we are to divorce one day, a forsaken career would be worth more than money can buy.
We married in July, sans the prenuptial.

So, like I said, I first read this and I thought it was super cute. Then a couple hours later, I started getting bothered by this woman's thought process. If the woman is so worried about losing a chance at a career then why doesn’t she just have one? Why cant she have a family AND a career? And why does the woman already envision herself as an old hag at the age of 40? My mother is 65 and still looks like she is 40. That’s certainly not by luck.

I just think women are worth more than just being a man’s slave, so to speak. If a woman is happy becoming a housewife then more power to her. I don’t think I could do it, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with being one. Just don’t bitch about it like the woman in the essay. She is making a conscious choice to give up a fulfilling career, as she states it. She could have both, the family and the career, but she chooses only to peruse one path, not both. I don’t know, just seems like this marriage thing is worth more trouble than not. I am sure one day I’ll be ready for it but as of right now, I am definitely enjoying playing the field.

Friday, July 06, 2007

A very tipsey holiday

Why is it that as we grow older, we also become more high maintenance? We are choosier about who we associate with, obsessed with appearance, and sometimes try to pretend we are something we are not. And yet, it takes a lot to satisfy us adults, whereas children are happy the majority of the time. Think about it- as a child you don’t care if your friends are white, black, fat, thin. All you care about is if they can make you laugh and if they are fun to be around. It is not until someone (usually older) advises to stay away from “so-and so” because either they are bad or poor or not popular enough that we began to judge our friends more closely. Although we grow more mature the older we become, is maturity always better? Children are so fearless, rather it’s climbing the highest monkey bars without anticipation, without worry they might fall and scrape their knees, or picking up a nasty bug on the playground, or dance in public until their heart is contact. As adults, we become weary of taking such risks, choose the safe, reliable road instead of the more cautious yet perhaps more fun one. We, (and by “we” I mean “I”)become shy and timid to talk to strangers unless alcohol is involved. I for one have built myself many walls because I am scared of rejection and being judged, so to speak. But, who cares about growing wiser and more mature if maturity only leaves behind a lifetime of fear?

2 days ago, of the copywriters joined fellow PC students in celebrating Independence Day. At first I was a little timid in leaving my comfort zone and mingling with the designers. At school, typically designers hang with designers, copywriters hang with copywriters, and illustrators hang with illustrators. Funny how 2 empty kegs later everyone acts like best friends. Why can’t everyone just be cool all the time? I know for me, I have had so much tragedy happen in my life that I choose to personify a party girl image, keeping the most private and intimate moments to myself and a very select few. Life experiences have taught me to keep my distance from the majority of people and not to let people in to the “real” me. I know it’s sad but such is life. This evening I know I’ll go to school and I am sure I’ll by shy to say hello to some people I was cool with yesterday. We probably won’t talk again until the next party, when everyone is all boozed up again. It’s kinda funny in a messed up way. It makes me think of a very famous quote said by a very famous, wise man, “Alcohol, the cause and solution to all of life's problems”. Touche.

It's official!

The four women who spiced up Manhattan's singles scene for six years are def headed for a big-screen reunion after all. On Thursday, July 5, 2007, New Line Cinema, a corporate sibling of HBO sealed the final deal to finance and distribute the long-stalled picture. The project is set to begin shooting in the fall. Longtime series executive producer Michael Patrick King will direct the film from his own script and serve as producer, along with Parker and series creator Darren Star.

The movie presumably would arrive in theaters sometime next year.
Yea to Kim and Cynthia who couldn't find any other work and missed receiving a paycheck and therefore had no other choice but to make Sex into a movie!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Very strange

So it's Monday morning and I am sitting in my Corporate America cube drinking Starbucks and reading the news when I come across shocking piece of information:

Bart Simpson will be getting naked in the new Simpson feature film. And by naked, we mean full frontal nudity. Bart’s bare essentials are cleverly concealed by strategically-placed props until a gap in some hedges reveals his naughty bits, as the Brits say. Simpson's creator Matt Groening spoke to the crowd and noted that he expects the brief cartoon nudity and certain digs at politics and religion to raise objections, but pointed out that part of the series’ appeal is its willingness to go out on those limbs and offend the easily offended.

If this were a normal film and a child actor (who is about 8 years old) showed his thing, the movie would not get a PG rating. Is it okay to look at little boy's boyhood just because it’s animated?

Hmmmmm. Something to think about.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tragic but true

Now some may disagree with my love for Perez but the man is hysterical. He is my guilty pleasure and without his blog I may have no other choice but to actually work at my Corporate America job- now where's the fun in that? I actually have tried to ween myself off of him but I just cant do it. My day consists of coming into work 30 minutes late, Checking Perez, reading Fox News while drinking Starbucks, checking Perez again, making a couple dials to some of my IBM accounts, checking Perez before taking a 2 hour lunch, check email, play on youtube, read Tania's blog, call on a couple more accounts, then end the day with Perez. Right before i left for lunch I read this on Perez. Say what you want about him but what he says about Brit Brit is harsh but true. Tragic, but it is all true.

Look at her.
She just doesn’t care!
While most young mothers of two children would stay home on a Monday night, Britney is not like most.
While most working women attempting a comeback after having kids would stay in and focus on their career, Spears just doesn’t give a damn.
While most recovering addicts would stay away from bars, Britney’s already been reported to be drinking again and hitting the clubs.
While most any normal female would never wear an outfit like that, Spears wants to look like a prostitute.
While most healthy adults have friends and family that tell them what they should here, Britney surrounds herself with paid friends and professional relatives, like cousin Alli, who joined her while partying at Club Joseph’s on Monday.
This crazy bitch rules!!!!
Don’t ever expect her to change her ways.
Trashy Brit to the end!!!!
loves mer

Monday, June 25, 2007

A very Special birthday

Conniving up creative, revengeful and merciless way to destroy someone’s life is an art, an ability not everyone can achieve, or so the Sopranos and the Godfather would like us to believe. It can take months, sometimes years, to plan the perfect, ruthless antidote. Growing up with a Sicilian mother I quickly became acquainted with the mafia. When my family gets together for holidays, our stories do not consist of those sweet, heartfelt, tearjerker memories. Instead, we sit around drinking bottles of vino and stuffing our mouths with cannolis while my cousins glorify my grandfather, boasting details about his days working and revenging against Al Capone. I try to ask my mother for details of my grandfather’s life, anything that would give me sufficient bragging rights. But the only thing I can get out of my mother is, “Forget about it. Not worth talking about.”

When I called to wish my friend, Sherry, a happy 25, I anticipated loud, piercing screams streaming through my Razor. Upon dialing, I could already hear the obnoxious bragging about her “blinding and very expensive” engagement ring she so sure was getting the evening before. 2 months prior, Seann, Sherry’s boyfriend of 7 years, walked in to find Sherry and another man performing similar scenes from A Night in Paris. Apologies were made and forgiveness was given almost immediately. All of her friends, me included, never really gave it a second thought considering we all know how “special” Seann is. And by “special” I mean really, really dumb.

At the age of 15, Seann’s father died leaving Seann millions in trust funds. Seann was not supposed to receive a penny until the ripe age of 30. The weekend before Sherry turned 25, she receives a call from dumbass himself.

Seann: Yo! So I was all talking to my mother today? And she was all, dude, you have been working really hard lately and its about time you cash in those trust funds. So, babe I was thinking for your birthday we should totally celebrate or whatever.

Sherry: OH MY GOD BABY! Are you serious?

Seann: Yea, so I was thinking? Maybe you should let me plan your birthday dinner or whatever. I’ve already got a baby blue box ready for you.

Sherry (in a very squeaky voice, you know, the voice only dogs can understand): OH MY GOD!? Really?

Seann: So like you should dress really, really nice or whatever.

Of course, Sherry calls me 2 minutes after totally freaking out. The whole time all I can think is, WTF? A girl cheats on her boyfriend and she still gets Tiffany’s? Where the hell is the justice?
Turns out justice can be found conveniently in Atlanta’s Blue Point. They arrive at the restaurant at 7:30 and sit down in the back. Seann tells her, “Babe, this is my birthday gift to you so I'll take care of the ordering this evening.” In the course of the night Seann orders one bottle of Crystal, 4 tequila shots, three Jack and Cokes, and two very strong Cosmos. They share 2 orders of Sushi rolls, calamari (which is my favorite thing on the menu), 2 Fillet Minions, and desert. Just as they are about to finish, Seann grabs Sherry’s hand and says, “I need to ask you something very important.” He reaches in his coat breast pocket but pulls out empty handed. “Fuck. I left my present in the car. I’ll be 2 seconds.” He runs out of the restaurant to which Sherry tipsy text messages me, “He abot 2 aks me.” She takes lipstick and coats her lips with a dab of shine at the same time the waiter drops off a baby blue box. Inside a note is discovered, “You like getting fucked bitch?”

Mortified Sherry gasps so loudly everyone begins to stare. She looks around and since Seann is no where to be seen, calls his cell. It rings once followed by his voicemail. “You like to get fucked, don’t you bitch! Thanks for the dinner. Happy birthday slutty.” Beeeeep. Sherry resorts back to 5 years old, sobbing uncontrollably and very, very loudly. She calls again. Voicemail comes on after the first ring, again. “Are you crying bitch? Are you fucking kidding me? You wasnt crying that night you fucked Jason? Stop your fucking crying sluttina. So pathetic. And yo, if this is anyone else calling, ya like just leave a message and I’ll call you back or whatever.” Beeeeep.

The dinner only came to like $3 or $400.00 but the memory is priceless. I am so proud of my Seann. I would never believe he could do something so creative, so conniving, let alone keep it a secret for 2 months. Whenever I ask about that evening, Seann just smiles coyly and says, “Forget about it.”


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Just another reason why not to vote for Hillary

just awful!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Reason 415 not to use Craigslist

For the last 3 weeks I have been searching for a new place to live. I have my heart set on living in Midtown. I figure what better time to move intown than now? I have been searching Craigslist to see if anything really great is open. Low and behold I come across these two postings. I actually thought about the first situation for a good minute. Heyt! I'm broke! Free rent would be wonderful. I wonder what these guys look like. Hmmmmmmm

"convinion situation"
rply to: hous-336377743@craigslist.orgDate: 2007-05-22, 8:19PM free rent for a single female in a nice, clean house in a good neighborhood. offering free rent for minimum light chores, companionship, and friendship. i am an attractive, nice, clean, honest male. if things work out, i am open to eventually possibly a dating relationship and possibly marriage in the future. looking for a single female ages 18-30 who is NOT involved in a dating relationship. this may be a very good lifetime opportunity for the right person. please only responses with pic and telephone numbers. thanks.

Looking for female roomate. Rent might be free
Reply to: hous-336329285@craigslist.orgDate: 2007-05-22, 7:00PM Yes this is serious I have a room available in a nice house in a nice location. If you are a nice female and don't mind living with a nice clean d & d free male let me know. Rent is $500 but we could work something out so it is free if you know what I mean. Serious only

All of us get lost in the darkness, dreamers learn to steer by the stars" Bob Dylan

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The last cigarette

I was 18 when I started smoking. I have admired smoking the majority of my life- the look of a cigarette, how it feels in between my fingers, everything about smoking I love. When i was 3 I tired to pretend I was my cousin who smoked, desperately wanting to look as glamorous as she did. I never smoked in high school because I was afraid of what my mother would say. But when I turned 18 and realized smoking not only looked cool but also helped women lose weight, I was addicted fast. I would smoke everywhere, after working out, at the clubs, in the middle of the night- anywhere that allowed smoking. I was living in Rome when my addiction really got intense. I would go through 2 packs once a week.

I remember the first time my father caught me smoking. I was walking to one of Rome’s Piazza’s to meet my parents for breakfast. I was early, they were earlier. I walked into the Piazza with a lit cigarette in hand. It was then I caught my father’s face go from ecstatic to absolute disgust. I abruptly threw the cigarette to the ground and tried to convince my father it was no big thing. I cried all afternoon- I was so shameful I disappointed my father. It didn’t stop me from smoking, it just made me more cautious of where I smoked.

I am now trying to quit- for health reasons. It’s a habit I absolutely love and I really upset I am quitting- especially at this point in my life when I feel I could always use a cigarette. It’s not that I am addicted, because im not. I don’t get nicotine cravings or go into anxiety if I can’t get a cigarette. As crazy as it sounds, smoking is just the one thing that has always made me happy. It’s a great way to meet new people, it’s a wonderful ice breaker, and it’s a great way to distress. But considering I am scared of lung cancer and looking like Donatella Versace when I turn 40, I am saying good bye to my faithful friends. Sad

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sweet Talk Talk Phone Company Commercial

Such an awesome commercial

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Judging a book by it's cover

The majority of our country, in my opinion, does not have any fashion sense. Constantly I watch women parade around in Jeans that are too tight for their bodies, ponchos that make them look like they are wearing a rather large and colorful potato sac and baby doll dresses that resemble maturity wear. Men are no better. Some men really do not look good in hats, especially when they are turned to the side. The Kid 'n Play look is over. Navigator sunglasses are hot, only on certain people. Just because the style is in does not mean it's for everyone. I cant pull navigators or a hat off, two looks I desperately wish I could.

For years, Vogue magazine has been educating readers on the latest fashion. The magazine is absolutely beautiful. It's not an opinion, that's a fact. Anna Wintour (editor in chief) makes sure every article written is not only smart and sophisticated but also cutting edge. Each article is written in a whimsical yet very intelligent tone. Now I am sure there are plenty of people that regard this type of literature superficial but really it is not. Vogue appeals mostly to fashion oriented women only because there are so many people that regard fashion as just another way to spend pointless money. However, Vogue displays fashion as art and explains different ways to exude oneself in fashion. From articles on sexy movie stars and very important designers, Vogue shows that fashion is more than just what a person wears every day. It's about demonstrating a person's personality and sense of self.

The magazine is perfect in my opinion. It's the Dalai Lama of all fashion magazines and I wouldnt change a thing. The website however is absolutely awful. Vogue owns various other magazines like Elle, W, and Vanity Fair. As a result, they thought it would be clever if they resp resented all the magazines under one website. Not so much. The website is very unorganized and poorly constructed. The design on the website is extremely boring as well. Vogue desperately needs help in the online world.

For my Writing for the Web project, Julie and I have decided to use the magazine Black Book. It's like Vogue in the sense that they discuss all the latest fashion news but they also use the magazine to show off the latest photography and to write about the latest club and restaurants in Miami, LA and NYC. Overall, I think the magazine has done a really good job appealing to a wide range of women. It's another magazine for women who are mostly interested in fashion and celebrities but also for women who are looking for places to be seen and places to party. The magazine also demonstrates the latest art around the world which I think is very interesting.

The online site is actually not half bad. It is very organized and designed fairly well. They have placed a couple of online articles that are similar to articles written in the magazine. In my opinion, they are too long. I tired to read one but I got bored half way towards the bottom. The other bad thing is that the only cities Black Book talks about is Miami, LA and NYC. What about Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, San Fran, and other major cities? i thought it would be really cool if they could include these cities in upcoming issues.

Moving away from the trendy and fashion world, I recently bought a BusinessWeek magazine. It teetered more on the boring side however they have some really great ads. The articles are extremely dry and tough to read through. However, in BusinessWeek's defense, the magazine appeals to business oriented men and women. The guy I am dating reads this magazine religiously. He is extremely successful in the corporate world but lacks a real huge amounts of creativity. He appreciates humor and witty commentaries, but when it comes to business, he does not play. Therefore, I think the magazine works in that regards.

The magazine works really well online. Very organized, very easy to find anything from latest investing news to latest political news. I played a little on the site and never got lost. I could always find my way back to the home page easily and always knew where I was. I prob wont make it a habit of coming to this website, only because it does not interest me, but I still think it's done very well for itself. Overall I think BusinessWeek is an excellent magazine. Not for me particularly. One day, maybe.

Ands that's all I have to say for now



Sunday, April 15, 2007

And so it goes...

It’s studio week, roughly 11:30 on a Saturday evening. Ty has just come back to school after finishing another grueling day at work. I don’t quite know what he does at Target, however I can just imagine him humming endless hours to himself as he carefully displays the latest collection from “sell out” Isaac Mizrahi. I am freaking out for the about the third time today. Noah asked me to write copy for his Kurt Vonnegut project and I want to impress him. Although my concepts are creative, I can’t quite get the correct wording. Just 15 minutes earlier Ty assured me that “we” would make it perfect. Ty is so good like that, helping me when he himself has his own work to complete. We are trying to come up with different ways to advertise a dark beer using one of Kurt's favorite ponders, “What is the purpose of life?”

2 weeks prior to studio week I hardly knew anything about Mr. Vonnegut, a man, who in my opinion, shares similar physical features to that of an old Mark Twain. Once Noah asked me to write copy for his project, I tried to read as much as I could by Kurt in the little of time I had. I analyzed everything from his short stories to Slaughter-House Five. I immediately fell in love with Kurt’s extremely dry sense of humor, a talent very few people can pull off. I also made Ty read the same stuff (just so he wouldn’t try to get out of helping me).

So, here we are on Saturday evening trying to write something very Kurtish and whimsical. We work for about an hour laughing continuously. There is a designer in the lab who is trying to give us some ideas but they are absolutely awful, to say the least. He suggested we answer, “What is the purpose of life” by saying, “To find a good beer… and a girl who you drop off at 3 in the morning.” Yes, I realize that makes absolutely no sense at all but for some reason the designer thought it was pure genius. (We now understand why the designer changed his focus from writing to design). Finally, Ty and I come up with the perfect copy. It sounds awesome. One month later, the project even manages to find its way into the front case at school.

A couple days ago Mr. Kurt Vonnegut died. I don’t really know what to call the event, it’s not ironical, it’s not a coincidence, it just is what it is. I’m very sorry to see him pass. He was an extremely interesting and philosophical man. Through Kurt's profound words of wisdom, Ty and I became even closer with one another. Every time I think of Mr. Vonnegut I will now think of my Ty. It’s just one of the many reasons why Kurt has become one of my favorite authors of all time.


Reminds me of my Corporate America job

One of my favorite shows on TV right now is The Office. Besides being very well written, the show mocks everything wrong in Corporate America. During studio week, I was introduced to the British, original version of the Office and it is far funnier than any NBC Office episode. I fortunately and unfortunately work for Corporate America- that is, when they actually have work for me to do. The company is a small sales and marketing company owned by a British man. Over the years the company has established itself as one of IBM’s business partners, a title that has turned everyone in our office from fun to absolutely insane/crazy. This week marked one of the worst weeks I’ve ever had during my 2.5 years there. I need money and yet I’m hardly getting any. Actually, take the “hardly” out of that sentence and replace it with “not.”

School is off to a great start. This is going to be a very tough quarter but I think the end result will be awesome work. Here’s hoping. Today I spent the majority of the day working on upcoming projects. During the day I worked with the wonderful copywriters at Barnes and Noble. At night I ended up at Starbucks with a very adorable designer. I actually had a lot of fun this evening. Who knew working this hard could actually be fun? Go fig